Creative Entrepreneur event – Tec Angels competition

swiftparking  creativeentrepreneurevent1  oliviastansfield


The creative entrepreneur at the university of Salford was a celebration of the work that The University Of Salford has done with SME’s.  WA:UK Tech Angels are investors that focus on start up business’s and offer seed investment and expert mentorship. Tec-Angles created the competition “A £grand Idea?” which was similar to Dragons Den. The finalists pitched their idea to the Tec Angles and the winner could win a £1000 investment.

Our groups idea SWIFT Parking made it as a finalist meaning that we got the opportunity to pitch our idea to the Tec Angels. The idea of SWIFT Parking is; a unique and revolutionary mode of parking. SWIFT Parking will be first-choice alternative to conventional parking queues. The service will offer customers stress free car parking through pre-booked spaces where they need to be. A prototype is available at


We came third place in the competition which was a huge success for us!!

Basset Hound Lovers Lancashire Facebook Page

Bassethoundloverslancashire  bassethoundloverstwitterpromo  Map of lancashire

After recently getting a Basset Hound puppy I have fallen in love with them as a breed. After joining many groups Basset Hound groups and pages on Facebook, I was very happy and felt welcomed into the basset hound community, I found them very interesting and very helpful. After seeing how successful the groups are I wanted to create a Basset Hounds page of my own, for my geographical location of Lancashire. I was inspired when I saw a video of an arranged Basset hound walk which looked fantastic! I thought how great it would be if something like that could be arranged in Lancashire so created Basset hound lovers Lancashire Facebook Page. This also relates to my Digital marketing field as I am working on optimizing the popularity of the page.

Management Development Project 

Ruby_Star_Associates  mdpexpo  mandevelopment

For the Management Development module in my second year at The University of Salford, I was the team leader for a project that we had been given for our chosen client which was Ruby Star Associates, for this we had to research what effects an entrepreneur during their first year of business, for example health problems, mental health problems, how it effects their family and eating habits. This was a very interesting project and I learnt a lot from being the team leader. Overall this was a successful project in which we gained high grade.

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